Teaching Methodology

Excellence Has Reasons

Our Teaching Methodology

Heritage Global School is dedicated to providing academic excellence by understanding each student’s potential. It is a complete house for children’s intellectual, analytical development. The students live a disciplined life in a lush green friendly and hygienic campus. HGS offers programmes covering International curriculums in an integrated learning environment, and regular collaborative projects with foreign schools and are taken up to infuse in students with global citizenship and universal brotherhood. We give planning based education and make the leaders of the future. The main motto of our School is to transform learners into leaders. We have kept the sufficiently small number of students, to ensure in providing personal attention to each student. The School proposes to maintain an optimum size of 24 students per class, a class size of 24 students per class would provide scope for rich learning encouraging teamwork and group activities. We have over 36 well-equipped, of 26 by 26 feet size huge classrooms with smart boards and projectors.

Facilities in School

A World-Class Teaching System Needs The Best Facilities, We Provide Up To Date Technology To Make Students Sharp.