Admission Procedure And Forms

Admission Procedure

For all admission queries, you can fill registrations online or contact: +91-8130599098/099/100. The form needs to be submitted with the following documents:-


  • Attested photocopy of birth certificate (Municipal/ Block/ Panchayat).
  • Transfer certificate from the previous school along with report card of the last class attended.
  • Six copies of passport size photograph of the child.
  • Four copies of the latest photograph of Father and Mother/ Guardian.
  • Copy of Adhaar cards of students and parents.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Contact Details: Please check and verify your contact details and mailing address. Any change in your contact details should be intimated in writing to the Communication office using our contact us page.
  • Residence Proof

Application Forms

Medical Fitness Forms

Our Policies

Registration for Admissions

All the registrations for admissions will be confirmed only after receiving the duly filled admission form with all the required documents, as mentioned in the form. The admission will remain provisional till the time any of the required documents is pending for submission. Fee Payment

All fees will be paid by cheque /draft or through the online payment. All cheques / drafts will be collected by the accounts department / admission in-charge only. The cheques are to be drawn in favour of “Heritage Global School”. Postdated will not be accepted. It is to be ensured that cheques are completed in all respect i.e. date, amount in figure and words, name and signature of drawer. Admission Number, Name and class of the student should be mentioned at the reverse of cheque. If the cheque bounces because of insufficient funds in account, draft and online transfer will only be accepted.

Types of Fee Payable

Admission Fees – The admission fees will be collection in full irrespective of the date of admission.

Caution Money – The caution money collected at the time of admission will be refundable at the time when student leaves the school and will be handed over with the Transfer certificate (CT) subject to clearance of all payments. In case there are any dues against the student then the same will be recovered from the caution money. If there is a withdrawal of admission prior to commencement of session, the caution money will be refunded after furnishing the application for withdrawal.

Development/Annual charge – This fee will be collected annually with the first quarter.

School Fees (Boarding, Day Boarding & Weekly Boarding) – The school fee will be collected for the complete quarter irrespective of month of admission.

 Collection schedule:- Fee will be collected on a quarterly basis. The last date of deposit of fees shall be:

1st Quarter (April- June): 1st April – 7th April

2nd Quarter (July – September):1st July – 7th July

3rd Quarter (October – December): 1st October – 7Th October

4th Quarter (January – March): 1st January – 7th January.

However, the school authorities can relax the date of submission of the fee without late fee in case of the last date being a holiday, the next working day will be deemed to be the last date. In case a student is seeking admission on Transfer certificate from other recognized school, he she has to be charged as on monthly pro rata basis.

 Transport Charges-Transport charges will be charged for 11 months, for all those admitted at the beginning of the academic session and on pro rata basis for all those joining in later months.

Fee collection for New Admission

At the time of admission only admission fee and caution money will be taken from parents. However, for all new admission for next academic year, balance payments will be collected by 7th April, separate notice for these balance payments to be given to New Admission by end of March.

Other Fee Related points:

Bounced Cheques: If any cheque is not honored on presentation for any reason, a penalty of Rs 500 will be charged as cheques dishonor charges. Subsequently, Parents will have to deposit the fee including bounce charges in DD/PO/RTGS/NEFT/IMPS payment only.

Late Fee:

If the parents fail to pay the fee by due date of fee paying month, then a late fee on School fee for that quarter will be levied as follow:

INR 20 per day–If Paid within 7 days after due date.

INR 50 per day – If paid within 8-16 days after due date.

If a parent fails to pay the fee that quarter along with the late fee despite them being intimated, the student will not be allowed to take his/her term/annual/internal exam and no results, reports, transfer certificate or recommendation to future school will be issued. If any fee due for the academic session is not received by end of Academic year (i.e.31st March), the student’s name will be struck off the school records and not rolled on for the next session, all dues will be recovered from the security/Caution Money.

Fee Increment

The School reserves the right to review the fees and deposit periodically and may increase the same which shall be applicable to all students.

If any student is desirous of leaving the school Mid – year, then the parent will  have to intimate the school at least 1 month in advance.\Withdrawal during the session

When a student takes Transfer Certificate (TC) from the school before or after completion of the session, all the refunds dues to him will be paid through DD only.  The caution money, paid at the time of admission will be refunded on producing original receipt and after deduction of any dues pending.


We often help out students with scholarships and other offers, check out our page to know more about how you can get enrolled.
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